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The Menu at Chez Zursch

  • Stage Rally! - In-car camera from the 2005 Doo Wop Rallies
  • My MINI - Who could resist?
  • Servizi Vari - Sono Lento, Ma Sono Brutto!.
  • My Boat - I bought a boat. Everyone does, sooner or later.
  • Advice for Living - OK, maybe it's hokey, but I thought it was pretty good advice.
  • Autism - Information on Autism and resources available for parents of children with disabilities.
  • Fambly - Some photos of my kid, mainly.
  • Farm - Information about my farm and how you can get yummy food from me.
  • Shakespeare and Literature - I like to go to plays and I like to talk about them.
  • Cars and Racing - Descriptions and pictures of car stuff and racing stuff.
  • Politics - It's a dirty business, but I love it.
  • The Civil War - It's something like an obsession.
  • Work Life - Like underwear, everyone's got it and no one wants to know much about yours.

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